Sister City relationship with Kinderhook

Gemeente Buren and the village of Kinderhook have established a Sister City relationship in March, 2018. The purpose of this relationship is to:

  • Encourage friendship, cooperation, and mutual understanding among the citizens of Kinderhook and the citizens of Buren.
  • Explore and learn about each other’s cultures and foster exchanges between the Village of Kinderhook and the Town of Buren concerning the communities’ shared history.
  • Promote international goodwill through the exchange of people, ideas, and information in a variety of social, cultural, and educational endeavors, focusing in particular on our youth.
Afbeelding van oud-president Van Buren


Martin van Buren
The main motivation to engage in talks about a relationship is that Buren and Kinderhook have a shared heritage. In 1631, Cornelis Maessen left the county of Buren to settle in Renselaerswyck, New Netherland. Renselaerswyck is an area near present day Albany, in the state of New York, United States.

Six generations into the future, one of Cornelis’ descendants became the 8th president of the United States. His name was Martin van Buren.

Get to know Buren
Buren is proud to be one of the largest fruit exporting communities in the Netherlands. The river Rine is the natural northern border of our municipality. Many tourists come to enjoy our beautiful surroundings, whether it be on water or land. In the video below, we’ll show you around! English subtitles available today around 15.30 hours (local time)!

Buren Toen Theater